The Spending Index:
Big Ticket Edition

To the untrained eye, the art of nurturing a customer into making a purchase can seem so simple, but it’s the intricate combination of understanding the psychology of customers, and crafting an exceptional experience that can make or break a bottom line.

Getting retail right is an expert blend of art and science. To create something truly wonderful, we must first understand what makes it tick – both bricks and clicks.


The Spending Index Report

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Watch our webinar: “How to use the ‘buy now, pay later’ trend to boost your retail sales”

Co-hosts, Andrew Busby, global top 20 retail influencer and CEO of Retail Reflections, and Christer Holloman, co-founder and CEO of Divido, take a deep-dive into the mind of consumers. Find out what makes them tick while making big ticket purchases – both bricks and clicks.


Under the influence: The disconnect between retailers and customers

There’s a small but significant difference in attitudes between retailers and customers, and what is swaying them to make a purchase. Download our report to discover more disconnects.

Retailers and customers are aligned on the influence of cost, but are divided on the power of marketing



Brand loyalty:


Recognisable brands/ads:


Social media:


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Understanding your customer is the key to making retail thrive. We took a look at six of the key drivers influencing customers to make a purchase – from social media and adverts, to deals and discounts. In this blog, we reveal what retailers think their customers are influenced by, and what customers think they’re actually influenced by.

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6 factors influencing customers to buy

Defining ‘Pay Later’ personas: The customers embracing retail finance

According to our global data, these are the top customers using retail finance. Download the report to get more insights and discover more top customer profiles.

  • Living with
  • Homeowner
  • Tenant
  • Full-time
  • Android
  • iPhone

Male: In order of most credit requested in 2018

20-30 Single AOV: 698
40-50 Married AOV: 920

Female: In order of most credit requested in 2018

30-40 Married AOV: 792
40-50 Married AOV: 842

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Percentage difference of credit requested on average throughout the week

  • Mon-Tues -5.58
  • Tues-Wed 1.09
  • Wed-Thur -5.05
  • Thur-Fri -3.26
  • Fri-Sat -18.92
  • Sat-Sun -9.10
  • Sun-Mon 54.77
Gen Y requested
51.4 more credit (GBP)
than Gen X
Gen X requested
171.6 more credit (GBP)
than baby boomers

State of pay and the rise of customer finance

Payments can make or break a transaction. The Spending Index: Big Ticket Edition reveals how customers like to pay, and what benefits retailers are seeing from the rise of customer finance.

Main benefits of offering POS finance

69 Keeping
customers happy
66 Increased average
order value
66 Increased
customer loyalty
60 Repeat purchase
53 Broadens our
customer base
45 Increased basket
conversion rates
38 Being seen as

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Majority of respondents have experienced an 11-30% increase in sales


17% of all business experienced an increase in sales of over 50%

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State of Pay: The growth of customer finance

Retail Apocalypse: Physical retail isn’t dying, it’s transforming


of retailers see no difference between their online and offline strategies 68% are re-evaluating their approach to brick and mortar

The average time consumers spend researching each big ticket item, and the average highest amount they are willing to spend on items

TV 19 673
Smartphone 21 421
Sofa 27 1,018
Wardrobe 21 519

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With so much speculation around the future of enterprise retail, and thousands of store closures faced by major household names, it’s been a busy time for the British high street. In this blog, we’re exploring its immediate future and some of the data-led actions retailers can take to ensure it is accommodating the customers of tomorrow.

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Is the high street still relevant?

Since licensing Divido’s multi-lender and multinational platform, Simba has seen a 33% increase in conversions and 45% of Simba’s sales are now powered by Divido.

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Not just limited to online customers, Divido’s retail finance works wherever customers want to buy – in-store, mobile, and via call centres.

To find out more, check out some of our features.

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